Here at Cranham Roofing, we provide a selection of industrial roofing services from skylights to liquid coating systems to corrugated sheets. Our team of fully trained experts will work with you throughout all industrial projects.

We install a wide range of skylights, these skylights come in a variety of shapes and designs that will truly compliment every type of building application. We offer industrial, commercial, renovations and new build properties. Each skylight that we offer comes in a selection of glazing options such as double and triple skin polycarbonate and glass.

Throughout the entire project, we will provide full technical support to ensure that we meet your building regulations, planning and design requirements. Every service that we provide is essential to provide high-quality service and bespoke skylights.

Rooflights are popularly used in daylighting designs for both commercial and residential buildings, the most effective way to provide your property with an effective source of daylight is via installing skylights.

One of the most important factors when looking at installing skylights is the appealing shape and pristine glass finish, whilst ensuring that tempered surface resists natural damage from all weather conditions. Skylights also have fantastic insulating factors ensuring that you protect against cold temperatures and outer heat, whilst ensuring that we reduce outside noises and disturbances.

Skylights are perfected to become an emergency exit and access within your property in the events of an emergency. Skylights are a sustainable solution to natural daylight, we provide a variety of skylight options in both glass and plastic, to provide our clients with the desired wants and needs.

Every skylight that we install is guaranteed to be manufactured to the highest standards, whilst meeting each of our client’s requirements. We want to provide you with the right solution, no matter the requirements. Every skylight is tested to perform to the most meticulous standards.

Our team of experts are fully trained in all aspects of technical support to ensure that throughout the entire design process to the installation the project runs smoothly and no questions are unanswered. Each skylight that we install comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, ventilation and opening options, each to meet your budget and requirements.

Here at Cranham Roofing, we provide a variety of liquid coating systems, we have been laying conventional roofing materials, over the past few years we have developed our company along the avenue of high-performance liquid waterproofing.

It is crucial that we do not subcontract any of our works to ensure that we complete all works to the highest standard in a timely manner. We specialise in a selection of liquid coating systems ensuring that we cover any area.

Liquid roofing systems are a fantastic way to protect your roof, it is important to remember that over time all roofing systems will eventually become damaged from natural weather conditions, discolouration and general wear and tear.

One of the leading factors of liquid roofing systems is that they can be laid in a selection of colours and finishes as well as a seamless application. If you have a roof that is currently damaged, it is crucial that you treat it. Treating your roof with a coating of liquid roofing systems will extend the longevity of your roof at a cost-effective price.

The leading benefits of liquid roofing benefits are that they provide a waterproof solution at a cost-effective price including minimising the risk of replacing the entire roof, liquid solutions is a fantastic solution to repairing minimal emergency repairs. Works can be carried out whilst causing minimal disruption meaning your business can operate as normal. From the first application, a liquid roofing system will provide a watertight solution as well as providing you with a fully mechanically cured roof within just one day. Providing you with an entire seamless yet waterproof membrane avoids unnecessary damage from occurring.

Cranham roofing has plenty of years within the roofing industry, proving and installing corrugated sheets. Corrugated sheets are developed at the highest standard when manufactured. Boasting years of experience within the roofing industry means we are one of the leading supplies and installers of corrugated roofs.

You can count on Cranham roofing to provide you with a high-quality service whilst supplying you with outstanding products, without excessive prices. Offering a competitive price to ensure that we meet our clients’ budgets. We truly understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines and ensure installation is completed in a timely manner.

The corrugated roofing sheets that we provide and install are fantastic for a selection of industrial uses such as warehouses, retail premises and farm outbuildings. The sheets come in a selection of thicknesses and sizes to ensure that we suit your project’s needs and desires and your budget.

Our business has been operating for over three decades ensuring that have provided all types of industrial premises with top class service. It is important that we value our clients and work alongside them throughout the entirety of the project.

It is crucial that the roofing materials that we provide and install have a long life whilst ensuring that they do not leave your business with an unsightly finish. Your roof should provide you with minimal or no maintenance whilst providing you with a safe and environmentally friendly approach. It is incredibly important that your roof protects your business from the elements, so should be made from highly sustainable materials.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, reliable, trustworthy professional roofing company that specialises in skylights, liquid roofing systems and corrugated sheet roofing, contact Cranham Roofing today.

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Not only are we experts within the roofing installation industry but our services also expand to general maintenance that your properties roofs might require. A big part of foundation and roof protection is making sure that water doesn't build up over time; causing leakages and breaks. Offering a trusted guttering repair in Dagenham as well as installation services, is something Cranham Roofing are proud of and we can find a quick & easy solution to all your guttering needs at a competitive rate.

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We don't only create stunning roofs  but we also maintain and rebuild existing ones. After a quick assessment, our team of highly trained builders are able to produce a wide range of possible options; each are competitively priced and cost effective. This ensures that you are getting value for money but also peace of mind that the roof above your head is a quality build. Providing our solutions has left us being the 'go to builder' for the area of Romford since 1987. 


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